Pre & Post Natal Training

Pre Natal Training

Far to often we see pregnant females just being ‘tolerated’ by the fitness industry, in terms of the forms of exercise they perform, and the extremely broad (as well as conservative) official guidelines don’t do much to help this situation. Also the conflicting advice from exercise professionals (who often don’t have a strong enough grasp on the physical and hormonal effects of pregnancy) and medical professionals (who usually have a very limited understanding of exercise outside of basic ‘cardio’) creates a conflict for expecting mothers who often decide to not do any exercise apart from a little bit of walking as a result.

The primary focus of our pre natal training program is on strengthening the key areas that are most affected by the physical and hormonal changes of pregnancy. These include;

The inner unit (core muscles including lower back) and pelvic floor; required to undergo a large amount of strain and stretching during fetal growth,

Hips: the center of all human movement and important to everyone, but even more so to a pregnant female with the increase in weight they must support, the changing center of gravity, on top of the fact that they will be generally looser and less stable as a result of relaxin and elastin secreted by the body in preparing for child birth, and muscles of the upper back: to counter the postural changes in this region that occur during pregnancy, primarily the hunching forward, forward head and rounding of the shoulders.

So, far from merely ‘tolerating’ clients, our program actually builds functional strength in these key areas, producing results that merely walking will not.

With a strong emphasis on safety and tailoring each session to each individual, all sessions are conducted using a combination of heart rate monitoring (put on by the client prior to the session) as well as the currently recommended Borg Scale of Perceived Exertion.

Finally another focus or goal of our program is to prepare each client for exercise again post partum, as a result of the strength built up in these key areas. Not only will this strength in these areas greatly limit the chances of any injury occurring post partum once getting back into exercise, but will also greatly increase your ability to get back into pre baby shape (or even better) in a healthy manner post natal (by healthy I mean without a crash diet and over-the-top ‘burnout’ exercise routine.)


Post natal training

Similar to our pre natal exercise program, a strong emphasis is placed on safety and ensuring that you are fully prepared for any exercise we will do. Often we are faced with new mothers who have been given the all clear to exercise again, who just want to go hard as possible and get back to pre baby weight and shape as quick as possible. Whilst this enthusiasm is great, the retraining of the inner unit is of utmost importance before getting back into any of the more intense forms of exercise, and in our approach a correctly functioning inner unit and pelvic floor is the most important step, to ensure there are no injury set backs, but also because the attainment of these will make the achievement of goals far greater, particularly with the flattening of stomach again.

Intensity and difficulty increases gradually post partum, with strengthening of the key hip and upper back areas a strong focus soon after restarting exercise, before gradually progressing to more intense exercises and circuit based training.

In short, our post natal program retrains the key areas affected by pregnancy and child birth, and helps clients attain their primary goals of weight reduction and returning to pre-baby shape, but does so in a way that is safe (gradual) and doesn’t put the client at the risk of injury, which is the most commonly occurring frustration of women who get back into exercise post partum.

‘Sessions were tailored specifically to each trimester of pregnancy’

I was exercising prior to my pregnancy doing a mixture of classes, cardio and weights, and wanted to continue to exercise once I became pregnant. However I had concerns about doing so, due to all the conflicting information I had heard, and was therefore unsure about IMG_3608what exactly was safe to do and when. However, doing sessions with Justin gave me the confidence to continue exercising throughout my whole pregnancy.

The sessions themselves were tailored to suit each trimester and my changing body, with the exercise targeting the most important areas I had to strengthen for pregnancy. As a result, I felt that I could develop and maintain strength and fitness whilst also preparing my body not only for the duration of the pregnancy but the labor ahead and post partum period.


Aside from the sessions, the continual guidance with what I can and cant do in my time exercising on my own was also of great comfort and help, as was having Justin as an information source for any questions or concerns along the way. So I definitely feel it helped me stay fit and healthy throughout pregnancy as well as prepared me for training again post partum, and most importantly in a safe and tailored environment.’

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