Personal Training

Conducted in a 1 on 1 or a 2 on 1 setting, and catering from absolute beginners who have never exercised before, all the way up to advanced exercisers. After personal goal setting and in depth analysis of physical abilities, as well as injury and medical history, sessions are tailored to each individual. With an emphasis on safety, functional movement and variety, sessions are conducted with a strong focus on learning and positive reinforcement particularly with technique and posture. Whilst taking into account differences in personal abilities and goals, sessions are challenging and are programed to be right on the upper levels of an individuals physical and mental abilities, in order to achieve the best results and improved performance.

So if your goals are to

– Build lean toned muscle
– Burn body fat (at rest and sleep, not just in sessions)
– Develop strength and balance
– Flatten stomach and develop core strength and stability
Rehabilitate injuries or weaknesses
– Prepare for a friends wedding (or your own) or an important upcoming event
– Feel more energy and vitality, as well as sleep better
– Learn the most effective ways to achieve your goals in the most time efficient manner

and in a supportive and non-intimidating environment focused purely on you and your personal goals, you must do yourself a favour and get in contact here.

‘Having been in the fitness industry myself for over 12 years and now at 52 years of age, I thought I knew it all’

Having been in the fitness industry myself for just over 12 years, (in another lifetime..80’s thru 90’s), then having a family I felt it was time to get my saggy butt back to the Gym! Now at 52 years old I still thought I knew it all, exercise wise.

After an initial discussion on what my goals were, Justin put me through a series of exercises for the old butt and thighs. I think I was able to walk about 3 days later!laura

Every week he puts me through a series of exercises which vary weekly to combat those areas that with age,  seem to sag all to quick. His encouragement and motivation has kept me going and I do look forward to it.  I forgot how nice it is to have someone push you that little bit more. It definitely is a sense of achievement.

I have watched Justin train others and he obviously shows a passion in helping them achieve their goals. 

Just goes to show you can teach an ‘old dog new tricks’.

P.S:  The butt’s lifted, the thighs are less wrinkly. I’ve been told (when dressed up) I look 35? What more can I say.’


‘It’s been five years since my first training  session with Shaun , and I have never looked back !’

My main goal was to increase my overall fitness levels, and with the help of Shaun’s
expertise, ability to motivate and subtlety push you to the next level,

I have never been fitter, with the added benefit of improved overall muscle tone and strength.  I feel great and look forward to each session (even the 6 am ones!)

Shaun understands how to tailor your training to meet and exceed your goals. His passion for his profession is evident as he practices what he preaches!

I would thoroughly recommend Shaun to anyone considering a trainer irrespective of your fitness level .


‘I knew I had to vary my workouts beyond cardio, but wasn’t sure where to start’

Gyms can be daunting places, especially for a female in the weights room. I kDGFFDGFnew I needed to vary my workouts beyond the cardio machines, and prior to starting with Justin I wasn’t sure how to go about doing that. Every workout with Justin is different. The variety keeps things fresh and ensures that I get a whole body workout every time.

Justin determined very quickly what my physical limits and my psychological limits were, and he pushes me as far as he knows I can go. His style is to encourage wCATHIE2ithout being aggressive or condescending.

I have noticed significant changes in my stamina levels at the gym, at work and at play. I feel much stronger, and this is most noticeable in reduced back and neck issues, and I am also sleeping better.

I am challenged every time I train with Justin, and his perspectives on general health and fitness, nutrition, lifestyle and balance also positively influence my decisions outside the gym as well.’


‘I didn’t realize at the time when I decided to take on personal training with Shaun that it was going to be such a positive step towards enhancing my health and fitnvdvfbfess!’

 ‘Shaun is a committed professional who himself lives and breathes a fit and healthy lifestyle has a helpful friendly demeanour and has really challenged me to get the best out of myself!
 Training sessions with Shaun are always a positive and fulfilling experience!’