Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching

Along with the exercise and movement component to attaining goals such as weight loss, body fat reduction, muscle toning, or performance improvement as examples, there are other key factors which can also play an important part in ensuring successful attainment of such goals. Looking into factors such as sleep, stress and nutritional habits, we coach clients with where they can look to make adjustments in order to see accelerated progress.

This nutrition and lifestyle coaching is based on basic yet scientifically proven techniques to attaining health and wellness, and are straight forward to understand. What this certainly isn’t is a ‘food plan’ of this and that, with all sorts of restrictions and calorie counts. This is interactive guidance, based on feedback from you too, where we work together to bring about gradual small changes to certain areas that we identify as roadblocks to your goals. These may not even be nutritional, but may be related to sleep cycles for example.
The key theme here, as with all our other services, is the tailored and individualised approach, where your own unique lifestyle is taken into account to produce the best possible tailored coaching and direction for you. Just one example, with the nutritional side of things and why ‘cookie cutter’ approach to eating doesn’t achieve results for everyone, is the fact that we all have a different genetic and evolutionary make up (depending on where our ancestors were from), meaning that we each have different nutritional requirements (or metabolic types), in order to not only achieve the best physical proportions, but also to achieve genuine health and vitality.

For more specifics and greater detail on what we cover in health and lifestyle assessment and coaching, get in contact with us today.