Group Training

Not to be confused with a group fitness class (such as body pump or body attack), group personal training is very much as it sounds – much closer to personal training, however in a group environment.

There is not the repetitiveness nor the sterility of a group fitness class, where you remain largely in the same space. Nor is everyone doing the exact same exercise at the exact same time, where differences in personal make up and ability is not taken into account – and nor is poor form.

Some of the key features of group training are;

All the tools used in personal training – dumbbells, barbells, trx, kettlebells, medicine balls, swiss balls, cable columns, sleds and many more

Learning new exercises – teaching and bringing in new things continually – rather than the same thing. Whilst still of course repeating certain things with enough regularity to gain proficiency.

Circuits – adjustable to every ability level

Variety – exercises and layouts will never become repetitive and boring

As a result of the functional exercises we do – and the wide variety of training tools employed, you will actually improve movement quality and ability, as well as just burning calories and developing muscle tone
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Every exercise and layout takes into account personal ability levels as well as goals – meaning that every single session is adjustable to each individual – and people involved with a higher ability level and less injuries are not held back by those who are not quite as advanced or perhaps carry an injury or 2. Nor are people who are new to a lot of exercises forced to keep up with the fittest – everything is adapted.

Team environment – train with a friend or 2

Your goals and abilities adapted – just because certain exercises are being used in a circuit by 4 or 5 others, doesn’t mean that you will be using it too, if it doesn’t suit your knees for example. Furthermore, if you have gotten to a point where an exercise is fairly comfortable for you, it will be made more difficult accordingly – to continue to challenge your body’s ability to adapt and improve.

In short, due to the on-going variety and adaptability of the programming, the sessions are designed to be as adaptable as possible to every individual in both ability as well as physical limitation.

And on top of that we have an extensive timetable with a wide range of group times available.

“Traveling a lot for work, and with a job that involves a lot of sitting down, Synergy’s focus on functional training makes me feel fitter, healthier, and more productive. I never feel like getting out of bed to go to group training, but I’m always glad I did!
Jessica P

Not only do I get a great workout, I also get to catch up with the same people every session. This makes going even more fun and enjoyable. Working out in a group environment I have also found makes me push myself further – it’s a competition in my own head. Within the group setting, each exercise is personalised to your own capability and fitness level and Justin and Shaun provide one on one direction when needed.

Prior to joining the group sessions, my weight loss had plateaued and I didn’t think I’d reach my pre-wedding goal weight. These sessions have helped me reach my fitness and weight loss goals and I have lost a further 10kgs in the last 12 months. I would highly recommend group sessions to all!”
Bianca T